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Frequently Asked Questions

The only additional charges you will have to pay are the monthly/yearly website hosting fees and your domain name registration fee. Please note that you can choose to use any hosting service you’d like (not only ours).

You don’t need any special knowledge at all.  Every website we develop and list for sale here operates automatically.  There are NO customer orders to fill, NO inventory to update, NO emails to answer and there are no special skills or coding required. Your affiliate partners handle all of this for you! Each website has automatic inventory updates and automatic news and blog feed updates too!  You can easily edit anything that you need because every site is built on user-friendly ‘wordpress’ platforms.

You will be able to download it immediately after purchase, as it will be sent to the email address from your order. You will receive the complete website files, database and a detailed document with instructions on how to install and configure it.

If you don’t want to install and configure it, we can do it for you. In this case you need to purchase our Configuration Service here

All you need to do if you purchase more than one website is reply to the ‘order email’ you’ll receive or simply send us an email specifying the particular sites that you have chosen.  Then we’ll send you the download links manually to you.

When visitors go to your website and purchase anything from you advertising banners, links of products displayed, download your eBooks you will make money! It’s that easy. There are multiple affiliate revenue streams that are already built into your website such as internet giants like Amazon, ClickBank and/or others.  After purchase, they just need to be changed to your own unique affiliate codes, and your website will then track your sales and earnings. You can also add other affiliates from various other affiliate programs. (Full details and links for these affiliate programs are included with the file you receive after purchase). 

As mentioned in Question #2 above; No, you don’t need any special knowledge at all. Every website that is developed and listed here for sale operates automatically. There are NO customer orders to fill, NO inventory to update, NO emails to answer and there are NO special skills or coding required. Your affiliate partners handle all of this for you.  The websites also have automatic inventory updates and automatic news and blog feeds that also update on a daily basis. All of our websites are already optimized for the search engines.

Complete detailed instructions and information are included within the ‘download’ file that is sent to you after purchase. This section that you’re reading now (faq) answer many of the most common questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at our contact page.

Automated sites are slowed down or paused in order to save resources. After you get your automated site, Cron jobs will all be un-paused and posts will be current again. Your site will then update content regularly on a daily basis.

A WordPress plugin called “AutoBlog” or “Google News” via keywords is already installed on each website and it pulls new site topic related headlines and articles every 24 hours. These article headlines are found in the News category of our websites and will also appear under Recent Posts (if the particular site has that feature).  The Amazon store items will also update automatically but you have less control over that (Amazon items will change as Amazon updates their own data).

Yes, you can certainly make any changes that you’d like, in fact you are encouraged to do so.  The more unique your own website is, the better results you’ll have for more earnings. You can easily change the header, add to the blog or whatever you’d like. All of the websites are built on the super user friendly ‘drag and drop’ wordpress platform, so it’s very easy to modify your site.  There are also numerous ‘free’ easy to follow wordpress tutorials all over internet if you’d like to make even more changes at anytime.

You can resell your website if you don’t want it anymore, or if you have added value on it and are trying to make a profit. You can, however, sell it ONLY ONCE and WITH THE DOMAIN NAME (which also implies that you can install the website only once and on ONE DOMAIN ONLY). To clarify, you are welcome to resell any website that you purchase from us, but only one time (so if you want to sell it again or on a different domain, you are required to purchase it again from us). Reselling multiple copies of our websites designs or duplicating any content from this website is not allowed and will be prosecuted under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds if you have already downloaded your website(s) or files, as it’s also considered “digital merchandise”. You are able to see the actual site in operation before you decide to buy.

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